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Just need to chat about your app or app idea?

Want to talk about your app idea? Or do you need help with a current app?  Or, just need another pair of eyes to look something over?  Eric can help.

 You can hire Eric for a 60-minute conversation.

Hey guys.

​I'm Eric and I make apps. 

For the past five years, I've created over a thousand videos and have been doing super-long live stream Q&A sessions every week for the past three years.  I love answering questions and talking about apps.  But I can't answer them all. 

And sometimes people want me to take a look at their apps or discuss some ideas with me.  They don't want me to sell them on our app development service and they don't need it. But they would like my opinions or experience. And they don't want to share it publicly on the live stream.

And unfortunately I don't have enough time to spend with everyone.


So, we have created this page where you can book my time.  

We can talk about whatever you want to talk about.  

If you want me to look at your app or double-check some code, I'm happy to do that.  

Or if you have an idea and you want to create it on your own and need some direction, I've been there and can help.

We'll record the meetings on Zoom and send you the recordings.

Exciting times are ahead.  I want to help any way I can.

Eric Wroolie - April 2020 (in lockdown)

Things We Can

Talk About:

  • Problems working with Remote developers
  • Bugs in your app
  • How to increase your app downloads
  • Problems with app marketing or appealing a suspension
  • App ideas
  • Hiring your own development team
  • ... or anything else you want to discuss


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