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Bubble Bath

Learn Cantonese with a fun and engaging game. Whether you are traveling to Hong Kong or China Town — or you just want to watch some Kung Fu movies — it would be great to learn a little bit of Cantonese.

Cantonese Bubble Bath is a fun game that helps you
learn Cantonese words and phrases in no time.


Learn by repetition


Many categories to choose from


Level progression from easy to difficult.


Complete with audio

Mandarin gets all the attention but Cantonese is important too. So many times I’ve been to a Chinese restaurant and try out my Mandarin skills only to find that everyone speaks Cantonese!

Cantonese Bubble Bath is a simple game where you are presented with 12 language categories of 10 words each. Each category has 10 levels with increasing difficulty.

The first level of each category is easy. You have a 50/50 chance of guessing the right word and popping the bubble by selecting the translation for it. As the levels increase, the number of possible translations increases. You can no longer rely on guessing.

Just when you think you are getting used to it, the game will force you to use your listening skills by showing bubbles without text (so you have to listen). Then, you will see bubbles with text and no sound.

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