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Chinese Mandarin Alpha Team

Learning Chinese is not as hard as you think it is.
I mean . . .really.

Study Mandarin Chinese with a game that is far more fun and action-packed than writing flashcards. Learn using Traditional Chinese Characters, Simplified Chinese Characters, or Pinyin (the Chinese romanization system).

Get ready to join the fight (and easily learn Mandarin on the way) with our Chinese Heroes.

Study over 600 Chinese vocabulary words and phrases in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters (as well as PinYin). Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, “Alpha Team” will help you pick up new Chinese vocabulary words.

Are you studying for the HSK exam or travelling to China? Alpha Team can help you solidify your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.

Unlike other Asian languages, learning Chinese is not easy because it uses Chinese characters and there is no Chinese alphabet (it also has four tones). We know it’s hard because we’ve done it. You need to build up your vocabulary . . . and this exciting Mandarin Game can help you.

People are loving it!