Bubble Bath

How cool would it be to learn Italian with the phone in your pocket? Whether you are traveling to Rome on holiday or just want to understand what they are saying in those scenes in The Godfather 2, Italian Bubble Bath is the app for you.

Italian Bubble Bath is a fun game that helps you
learn Italian words and phrases in no time.


Learn by repetition


Many categories to choose from


Level progression from easy to difficult.


Complete with audio

Italian Bubble Bath helps you learn over 600 words and phrases spread over 63 language categories.

The game is simple to play. You select a bubble and it floats up and then you tap on the translation to pop it. You can read the word in the bubble, or listen to it spoken by a native speaker. In the process, you learn all kinds of new Italian vocabulary. Oh, and it’s so satisfying to hear it pop.

The game starts out easy with a 50% chance of guessing the right answer on level one. As the levels progress, they get more difficult. On some levels, you have four options. Some levels, you have 10. And some levels have no text and force you to listen while others have no audio and force you to read.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or just an adventurous traveler, you’ll love learning Italian this way.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Are you ready to throw down . . . Italian style?