Japanese Heroes

So, how do you easily learn Japanese? Just as you’d expect– you fight a killer robot!

Do you want to know how to learn Japanese? The Japanese alphabet is easier than you think. Whether you are travelling to Tokyo or just want to watch some awesome Anime, learning to speak Japanese (and read Japanese) will improve your experience. No one has a better culture than Japan.

In modern Japan, a killer Robot is destroying the city. Only the four Japanese Heroes can stop him. They must use their individual powers (and you must pick up some language ability) to stop it.

The robot sends fireballs over Japan. Your selected hero must quickly translate the word or phrase that is sent in the fireball.

But you don’t know Japanese? I’m afraid we need to throw you into the deep end here. The heroes (and all of Japan) need you.

In the first level of each language category, you will have a 50% chance of getting the right translation. You will read the Japanese alphabet and listen to the Japanese word spoken by a native speaker. At first, you’ll be guessing. But as you start to see patterns in the shapes and sounds, you’ll start learning Kanji in no time.

And you get to choose from one of four Japanese Heroes.

Japanese Heroes consists of over 60 language categories with over 600 Japanese words and phrases.

Japan needs you. Can you help the heroes save it?

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