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Korean Heroes

Learn Korean and improve your Korean vocabulary with this exciting new Korean language game.

In ancient Korea, an evil Gumiho has awoken and has created fireballs to draw out the souls of all men. Only one thing stands in her way– the Korean Heroes.

In this fun and exciting game, you can select which hero you want to use to stop Gumiho. Each hero will attack and (hopefully) destroy the fireballs by quickly translating the words and phrases she sends to you.

The Gumiho sends fireballs over Korea. Your hero must quickly translate the word or phrase provided and select the right fireball to destroy. In early levels, you can guess which fireball as you listen to the word spoken by a native speaker and try to read the Kanji. However, you must pay attention because this will get harder in later levels.

Choose from the following heroes:
Ji-Hu – The young fighter with catlike reflexes
Woo-Jin – Master of the fan
Ha-Eun – Excellent in battle with her flute
Su-Bin – The young female archer

Korean Heroes consists of over 60 language categories and over 600 Korean words and phrases.

Korea needs saving. Can you help the Korean Heroes do that?

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