Multiple Timer Lite

The Ultimate Kitchen Timer!

Multiple Timer is a simple concept. You need to keep track of many things at the same time. You need to start, stop, and pause individual timers.


Not only for
the kitchen!

Multiple Timer is here to
help you keep track of
many things at once.

Choose your
alarm sound

You can set different alarm bells for each timer.

Alarm bells include:
1. A rooster crowing
2. A bicycle bell
3. A sports whistle
4. A cow bell


Start, pause, and stop

each of the timers

I teach juniors in high school and we are always writing essays…Fabulous!

I use this in my classroom. I teach juniors in high school and we are always writing essays, I can set one to let them know that 1/2 of the time left to write, then one for 5 min and one to stop writing. I love it!
Priscilla Zig
February 27, 2015


Extremely handy app if like me you like cooking and baking this app lets you time different items at different times very very handy in the kitchen
Patricia Rothwell
March 29, 2013

Useful app

This app has lots of potential as a multi timer. I would definitely recommend it to a friend for it’s ease of use.
Charles W. Shipp
April 24, 2013

Alzheimer’s Disease

I have Aphasia and I bought this so I thought the coconut oil might help me. I bought the ebook and I went to about the 3/4 on the book so I could take the coconut oil dosage. I read it and I liked it. I have friends and a relative that has Alzheimer’s Disease.
Reba Woodard
April 20, 2013

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