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Bubble Bath

The Swedish language is very hot right now. Whether you like books like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or are a big Abba fan . . . it might be fun to learn some Swedish. Traveling to Stockholm? You should also try learning a few things.

Swedish Bubble Bath is a fun game that helps you
learn Swedish words and phrases in no time.


Learn by repetition


Many categories to choose from


Level progression from easy to difficult.


Complete with audio

Swedish Bubble Bath is a simple game that gradually lets you start learning Swedish words and phrases. You start off with a 50/50 guessing chance on easy topics. You watch 2 bubbles float into the air and you hear a Swedish word spoken when you select one. Then you have to choose the button on either side which correctly translates the spoken word. You start outguessing, but soon start making selections based on your recognition of the spoken or read Swedish.

After you get better, later levels force you to choose between 10 translations. Other levels will force you to read by removing the native speaker speaking the words. Then, other levels will force you to listen, by removing the text. Make sure you play the game with sound on.

Here are 5 fun Swedish Facts (from the Overpass website):
• Swedish was only made the official language of Sweden in 2009!
• Almost as many people in Sweden speak English as speak Swedish.
• Finland was part of Sweden from the 13th Century until 1809.
• For Swedes, a little actually means a lot. If you say “I am a little sad” you are, in fact, very sad!!
• Sweden attracts about 5 million tourists every year.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Are you ready to play? Are you ready to learn?