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App Developers for the Wholesale
and Retail Industry

The Wholesale and Retail industry has experienced moderate growth since 2007, and currently generates sales for the value of £1.2 billion a year (12% of the

country's GVA).

We have numerous clients in the wholesale and retail industry. We love the challenge of improving processes through mobile application development in the wholesale and retail industry.

Wholesale and Retail Industry Statistics

4 Million People

work in over half a million outlets across the UK


of all jobs in this industry is in sales and customer service positions

1.9 Million Jobs

will be available in this industry

by 2020

What makes us different…

We make our own apps.

We have hundreds of our own apps on the App Store and Google Play and make great revenue from them.  We have skin in this game. Why trust an app developer to create your app when they won’t even create their own.  It is our job to know the latest trends and changes in the app world.

we make apps for the wholesale and retail industry

You own all the source code. ​​​​

We don’t retain any rights to your project or source code.  At the end of the project, you own it all. You can give it to an internal team to maintain or hire another developer if you want to.  And, of course, we can always maintain it too.

you own all source code of your app in the wholesale and retail industry

We focus on design first.

If your app doesn’t look right, no one will use it.  Rather than charging into coding, we start with working prototypes of all apps (with great design work) so you can see what it looks like before we build it.

we focus on designing your app in the wholesale and retail industry first

We are a voice in the industry.

We do a YouTube video every day about apps and app marketing.  You read that right-- every day!  We strive to contribute to this industry and share what we learn.  And our audience has grown to over 10,000 subscribers. Check out our YouTube Channel here.

we have insights about app development for the wholesale and retail industry

We don’t advertise our clients.

This might not be important to you, but it is important some of our clients.  Our job is not to tell you how great we are with other companies but to show you how great we are going to be with yours.  So, we don’t name drop our clients (and we’ve had some great ones).  However, if you want to know who we’ve worked with, give us a call. We’ll do a great job and you can give us a testimonial later (but we won’t push).

we dont advertise our wholesale and retail industry clients

​We deliver value.

We can write the code ourselves, but we have a network of trusted overseas developers who we work with.  You may have heard horror stories about how difficult it can be working with offshore teams. Those stories… are all true!  It’s an art working with distributed teams. And we’ve mastered it. So, we can provide the best talent at the best price.

we deliver valuable apps in the wholesale and retail industry

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Wholesale and Retail Industry sector

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