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French Flash Quiz

What’s the one thing that helps French learners and students to learn French faster than any other method? Using competition. French Flash Quiz is a lightning fast French vocabulary game which puts your knowledge up against the clock. You can rank against other French students in a global leaderboard and earn achievements as your knowledge grows.

Feature one

Can be used while
device is offline (except
for improving rank
on the leaderboard)

Feature two

Different speed settings
(Normal, Fast, Crazy)

Feature three

images and audio
for easier

Feature four

Different audio settings
(Read with Audio, Read
Only, Audio Only)

French Flash Quiz features over 1,000 French words and phrases and word completely offline (so you don’t need an online internet connection to play — just to place on the leaderboard).

Listen as each word or phrase is spoken in French or just use text to force your reading ability. The French language is not difficult and we want French Flash Quiz to be your Free Tutor.

It’s time to study French in a fun and engaging way with a question and answer format.

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French Flash Quiz Now!

Right now, this game is only available on Amazon. We are working on getting it back on Google Play and iTunes. Stay tuned!

What people are saying

Fun Basic App
This app is great for basic word review. The sections are short and fun. I am using it in conjunction with their bubble app and Duolingo for a little variety.
January 25, 2017
Lots of Fun!!!
Fun, Fast, Educational and helps you remember the ones you miss! If you’re competitive you won’t be disappointed!
December 28, 2019